Headquarters at VIA S.CATERINA no. 39 – 23030 S. CATERINA VALFURVA (SO) Tax code and VAT no. 00077120145

(formerly ART. 2441, PARAGRAPH 2 C.C.)

The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting on November 19, 2019 resolved:

– To proceed to increase the share capital from the current amount of Euro 5,263,079.12 (five million two hundred sixty-three thousand seventy-nine point twelve) to Euro 5,763,078.88 (five million seven hundred sixty-three thousand seventy-eight point eighty-eight) by issuing at par, for the corresponding total amount of Euro 499,999.76 (four hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine point seventy-six) of no. 961.538 (nine hundred sixty-one thousand five hundred thirty-eight) new ordinary shares of the company with a par value of Euro 0.52 (zero point fifty-two);

– To establish no premium for each share subscribed;

– To reserve the subscription of the capital increase for the current shareholders in proportion to the number of ordinary shares of the company held by each of them, in compliance with the terms and in the manner established by Articles 2439 and 2441 of the Civil Code;

– To establish that those who exercise the option right, provided they make a simultaneous request, shall have the right of first refusal in the purchase of any remaining shares not opted for as provided in Art. 2441 paragraph 3 of the Civil Code;

– To stipulate that the deadline for shareholders to exercise their option right shall expire on the fifteenth day following the day of publication of the relevant offer. If the option right is exercised, 100 percent of the par value of the subscribed shares must be paid to the company upon subscription.

Valfurva, November 19, 2019