Discovering the spectacular mountains of Valfurva

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Santa Caterina is a paradise for ski enthusiasts and the ideal place for those who love the mountains in their immaculate purity in both winter and summer.

In winter, the Santa Caterina Ski Area is accessible as early as early November when white snow begins to fall lightly on the 35 km of ski slopes. The winter ski season opens these days in Santa Caterina, after a long technical preparation of the lifts and slopes.
Local professional technicians devote extreme attention to the preparation and condition of the snow that is groomed daily.
By purchasing your very own Skipass, you will have unlimited access to all of Santa Caterina’s slopes and try many fun snow sports.
Among the most popular sports to do in winter at high altitude: downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, telemark and snowshoeing.

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For younger children who want to learn to ski, there is a dedicated area with treadmills and professional instructors from our ski and snowboard school.

For those who prefer relaxation to sports, however, there is the Sunny Valley resort accessible by cable car from S. Caterina Valfurva. An exclusive location where you can sunbathe in tranquility, sip good Valtellina wine and enjoy tasty local cuisine. All this, immersed in the snow-white mountains amid the scent of fresh snow and the mighty nature of Valfurva.

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Discover the spectacular landscapes of Santa Caterina Valfurva and have an unforgettable experience at high altitude.

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